NBA players and coaches will be on the court during the first half of the regular season and the first week of the playoffs.

The trend that caught my eye with the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first playoff game against the Boston Celtics was the way they used their postcards.

The Cavs sent out their own postcards in the first game of the series, but the Cavaliers also have a unique take on the way to send a postcard.

In the first matchup of the NBA Finals, the Cavaliers went with an old postcard that was sent in the mail, but it was a custom card that was designed by a local Cleveland-based artist.

It was called “Cleveland Cavaliers” postcard and was sent to fans.

It was sent from the Cavs’ office, which is where the players were playing their games, and it was hand-delivered to the arena.

That was one of the most unique things the Cavs did during the playoffs, according to Chris Haynes, a basketball writer for

“When you look at it, the Cavs have the most advanced postcard system in the NBA.

You look at their cards and it’s amazing,” he said.

The NBA has had a postcards for over 40 years, but Haynes said it has been mostly used for promotional purposes.

“They just have such a unique way of doing things,” Haynes added.

In order to have a good chance of winning the championship, Haynes recommended using an older, hand-drawn postcard for the NBA, which would be an upgrade from the modern postcards that have been designed for a computer screen.

“That way you have a better chance of getting the correct information out,” Hayns said.

Clevelands postcard was created by a Cleveland-area artist.

They sent the cards out to fans during the game, and they also had a custom one that was made by a man in their team store.

“It’s not something that a lot of people realize,” Hayes said.

“They have this thing called the ‘Vinyl’ or ‘T-shirt’ postcards and that’s the one that I use a lot,” Hayne said.

“I have a lot in my office, so I have a couple of T-shirts and one of them I get in the postcard office.”

For the Cavs, the postcards they sent out to the fans were hand-crafted in the shop.

“We made them for the Cavs,” Haye said.

“[A] lot of them are very limited.

We put out a lot for them, and the Cavs wanted us to make more for them.””

It was a good opportunity to show people that we have a really cool team,” Hayde said.