FourFour two’s postcard library for Android, with support for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter, is getting a makeover.

The new version, which is available for download right now, includes support for Facebook and Google+ as well as an option for sending a postcard in its new mobile UI.

The app has been designed to provide a cleaner, faster experience and is the latest addition to a growing list of features that have made FourFour’s mobile app a popular choice for developers.

“Our app is designed to be a great way to send and receive messages,” says FourFour founder and CEO Jochen Schäfer.

“But it’s also a great time to send or receive photos and videos.”

FourFour’s postcards are also designed to offer a variety of different styles and sizes, with the ability to use them in all sorts of ways.

Users can save their postcards as images or text, create a QR code for them, and use them to send text messages or post to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The new postcard UI also has the ability for users to pin their postcard and the app also now lets users share their posts to other apps.

FourFour is making a big push to add new features to its mobile app, including a search bar that lets users search for posts and a “share” button for sharing photos to social media.

The team also is working on a new photo editor that will let users take photos and add text to their posts.

The postcard feature is a major focus for FourFour as the app continues to evolve with a new, more intuitive look and feel.

Fourfour has also been working on improving the user experience on the app over the past few years, and Schäffer says the team has been able to get a lot better at the process.

“The postcards that you create on the site will look different from the ones that you upload to the app,” he says.

“So when you upload a post to the site, we can look at the metadata and see what the user is sending, so we can make sure that the app looks the way it’s supposed to look.”

Schäfer says the new postcards app will be available to developers later this month, but he wouldn’t say when.

He did say that the new app is still a long way off from being ready for everyone to download, but said that there are still plenty of features to add.

“We’re working on new features, like adding a new option for Instagram and a new way to share photos to Twitter,” he said.

“And we’re working very hard to make it as easy to send as possible to everyone, but that will take time.

There’s lots of work to do before the app is ready for everybody.”

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