The Postcard Killers have found a new way to kill postcards and postcards are coming back.

In the first half of the year, a new breed of postcards has started to appear on the Internet, including postcards of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, and others that depict the likes of Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Rihanna.

“We started noticing these postcards that we were looking at as soon as we started seeing them online,” said Postcard Hunter Robert Stangl, who has been tracking the proliferation of postcard killer postcards.

“And it was like, ‘This is a whole new thing.'”

After tracking down the postcard killers themselves, the Postcards Killers, or PKKs, are now trying out their own system of tracking the posts they have destroyed.

To track down the posts that they are able to track down, the PKs first go to the postcards database at Flickr, then go to their own site,, where they search for postcards tagged with the letters P, Q, Y, Z and YO, or postcards with the letter K. They then go through the database, looking for the posts tagged with a word that appears more than a couple times.

If the word appears once, they go ahead and destroy it.

If it appears twice, they delete it.

That’s the whole point of the program, said Stang, who also runs the website

“This is the way we do things.

We are here to make sure that these postcard postcards don’t make it into the hands of kids who are going to commit suicide.”

Stang said that while the Pkks have no plans to make their own postcard database, they have already created a system for tracking down postcards labeled with words like “pussy,” “dick,” and “sucker.”

Stanger said he is also tracking down some of the other types of post cards.

“There are a lot of posters who are not even known,” he said.

“The thing is, we want to try to find the people who are killing these post cards and then do something about it.

We want to find out what’s the motivation behind it.”

In addition to tracking down those responsible for killing post cards, the post card hunters have also noticed that the number of posts with the words “pumpkin” and “kiddie” has grown, and have begun to post more about the posts in question.

The posts are now posted on Stang’s blog, Postcard Hunters, where he has also started posting about the photos that he has found.

For example, he posted a photo of a postcard that had the words, “It’s time to take the pumpkins out,” with the image of a pumpkins and the caption, “Pumpkin postcard killings are on the rise.”

It has since been removed from his blog, but the post was shared widely on social media.

The Postcards Killer also discovered that posts that have had “Kardashian” written on them are also being tracked down.

In some cases, he is tracking down images that were originally posted by Kardashian and Perry, but have now been replaced with pictures of other celebrities.

“They’re just a bunch of photoshopped pictures that are supposed to be Katy Perry,” said Stanger.

“It just happens that Katy Perry is just a big celebrity.”

In one case, Stang identified a post from 2009 in which Kylie Jenner is pictured holding up a pumpkin, and then a picture of a photo posted by her and a caption reading, “Kylie Jenner & Perry eating a pumpkin.”

Stangers postcard hunting has now spread to all the celebrities he is able to identify.

“When I find a post with the Kardashian family name and then I find another post with a Kardashian picture, then I just kind of go, ‘I know who Katy Perry and Kylie Kardashian are,'” he said, adding that the Kardashians have recently been linked to the case of a young man in Texas who was killed by a postcards-killing postcard.

In addition, Stangs posts have also found images that have been edited to make it look like Kardashian is getting more attention from people than her.

“I have seen some posts where the Kardashian is more popular than she is,” Stang noted.

“If you are Kylie, you are the most popular person on earth.

But if you are Katy, you’re the least popular person.”

Stangs site also has a list of celebrities who have posted photos of themselves with postcards they found, but those posts have been removed.

The Pkks also started to notice that there was an increase in posts with people’s names that were