Which postcard sizes are worth buying?

Postcards from Hell, the company that makes the Postcard from Hell posters, has launched a new line of postage stamps that are “a bit bigger and a bit less boring” than traditional postcards. The new stamps come in sizes of 1½x1½x2½ inches, 1½ x 1½ inches and 1½ 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches.The Postcard From Hell […]

How to move mail cards from a postcard to a virtual one: How to do it correctly

Posted by Fox Sports on Friday, April 30, 2020 09:30:48The Postal Service’s postcards are a great way to get mail.But for those who want a better way to move the mail, they’ve got a new option: Virtual Postcards.The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announced Thursday that a new class of postage paper, called Postcards Vending, will […]

How to make your own postcard mockups

In a nutshell, the postcard templates are designed to make it easy to add photos, graphics, and text to your photos.There are many templates out there, but this one is the most popular.I used this template to make a postcard for my daughter’s birthday party in 2017.Here’s how to get started: Open your browser and […]

What you need to know about the Boston postcard design

Postcards for all ages are back.The Boston Postcard Design Program launched in July with a focus on education and collaboration.It’s a collaboration between the Boston Public Library, the Massachusetts Public Library and the US Post Office.The design process involves students, teachers, and the community.The first Boston Postcards were launched at a public library on June […]

How to print your postcards

I have to admit, I was really excited when I saw the postcard printable postcard idea on the Business Postcard Forum.However, since then I have been wondering why the postcards were printed.As far as I can tell, the post cards were only printed by some retailers that have been in the business for a while.Why […]

When you have to postcards in an airport, what should you do?

Postcards are a form of electronic communication.They are sent through a mail slot at the end of a line at an airport terminal, and they can be used to collect data and provide a unique identifier to passengers.The Postcard Bureau, a nonprofit organization that works with airports to collect and analyze postcard data, recently issued […]

Why you should be a Postcard Reader: Why We’re Still Not Getting The Right Postcards

The Postcard reader app is an important part of modern email, and for good reason.It’s a great way to manage your inbox, organize your email, read emails quickly, and send emails with a touch of the mouse.But there are a lot of problems with the app, and you should consider getting a better app to […]

Which of these things are cheaper and easier to get to and what are they good for?

Feed the Beast: 3-D printing at home article What do you think of this article?Post in the comments section below.

How to find your perfect postcard photo

We’ve all got our favorite postcards that show off a couple of your best features.You can’t be too picky, can you?Well, this is our take on finding your perfect, original postcard image, and we’ve put together a list of postcard sizes, birthdays, and other popular postcard themes that will make you smile for days.And while […]

The Confederate Memorial: The American Civil War Postcard and its Legacy

Posted November 04, 2019 08:18:17 As we mark the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the American Civil Wars, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of the South, and of the devastating loss of life that led to its demise.The Confederate memorial in Washington, D.C., has become a symbol of the horrors of war, […]

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