Postcards are being sent to students and staff at US universities across the country, in a campaign designed to encourage them to vote and boost the number of students participating in the 2020 general election.

A postcard is sent to each postcard sender, showing that the postcard contains information about the election and voting.

In one example, a postcard from an undergraduate student from the University of New Hampshire reads: “Your postcard includes an interesting note about the upcoming election, which we hope you’ll enjoy.”

The postcards are a small gift to student and staff, said Dr Shailesh Ganesan, the executive director of Vote No Borders, a campaign group that is distributing the postcards.

“We are sending the post cards to people who might not otherwise be able to vote because they are not eligible to vote.”

It’s a small, but meaningful gift that they can give to a friend, or their community, that could make a difference,” Dr Ganesam said.”

They can send a post card to their kids or their grandkids, or to their parents or grandparents, or even to their students.

“The postcard itself is a small note, and we want to send a note to people, encouraging them to do something about this issue.”

Students and staff from US universities are participating in a postcards campaign designed by Vote No Borders, which is distributing them.

Source: Google News