It’s the postcards you never wanted to buy, but you’ll have to order anyway because you’re stuck with the post cards you do have, the Vice News reporters say.

The company offers four different templates: one that you can download and print from its website, and one that’s a PDF file that you’ll need to print at home.

The PDF file costs $25, and Vice says it will come with all the instructions for printing.

Here are the key parts: First, click on “Save Print” to save your PDF file.

You’ll need that file to print the template.

Then, click “Save” again to save the file and print it.

It’ll take about 20 minutes to print a template, Vice says.

Finally, click the “Print” button to send it off to a printer.

The template will ship in 1-1/2 weeks.

Vice says the template will cost $49.99, which you can buy in its website store.

It comes with instructions and a template to print it at home as well.

It says you’ll also get the option to print an original image from Vice, which is a much more expensive option.

Here’s how the template works: The first thing you need is a computer with Adobe Illustrator.

In the top-right corner of your computer screen, click to add a new drawing.

Click on the image and you’ll see a new window with a “Add a Draw” button.

In this window, you can choose to add or delete the drawing you created.

You can also add a text box to the top of the window to display the image.

The second thing you’ll want is Adobe Illustress Plus.

You should be able to find it online for $14.99.

The third thing you want is Photoshop CS5 or later.

It should be the latest version available, and it should also have the “Create New Drawing” feature, Vice said.

The fourth thing you should do is download and install the software.

Here is how to do it.

Select File > Export, then click the Export button to open the Export window.

Choose “All Files,” then click OK.

Click “Close,” then return to the window.

Now you’ll be taken to the Export Window, which shows a new “New Drawing” window.

You’re now ready to upload the image to Vice’s website.

In that window, click Add a new Drawing.

Select the image you want to upload, then drag it from the left to the right.

The “New” button will appear.

This will take you to a new area of the “Add New Drawing,” where you can select the image that you want.

In our case, we wanted to add our own logo, so we went to File > Add New Drawing.

Once you click it, you’ll get a message that says, “Press Ctrl+V to save this drawing.”

You’ll see the icon for “Save as,” then a message saying “Done!”

Press the OK button to close the window, and you can save your work.

The templates are not free, but Vice says they’re cheaper than other options.

They come in three sizes: a medium format, a large format, and a standard format.

For the standard format, Vice offers two sizes: standard and large.

The larger size comes in a standard-sized print, while the smaller comes in an 8-by-12-inch (25-by 30-centimeter) print.

Both options come with a 3-by3-inch stamp and instructions to print.

Vice said it will also offer a “Print on Demand” option, which will let you print the templates as a PDF from your computer.