Posted July 19, 2018 08:18:16A couple of years ago, I was on vacation in Southern California and went to the local mall.

There were postcards everywhere and I just started buying them.

My wife was really excited because I was able to get a bunch of postcards.

One of the most popular postcards to date is the one you see above, from the 2009 NFC Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons.

There’s a bunch more to come, but for now, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your favorite postcards:1.

Use your smartphone to check the status of your order2.

Click on the image of your choice to view a detailed look at the cardYou can view the card for free by selecting it on the left or right of your postcard.

If the card doesn’t show up, look for an “unavailable” message.

Once you see that message, tap on the photo of your choosing to see a list of the available cards, which can then be viewed on your phone.3.

Follow @Packers on Twitter and other social media sites to keep up on news from the NFC ChampionshipGame.4.

Try to buy a postcard on a Friday night as you’re in the market to sell postcards from your collection.

If you want to sell, be sure to be able to show your credit card to a local post office and the postcard will be mailed to you.