Do you want to give a gift to someone you love?

This Valentine’s day postcards tutorial can help you create a Valentine card that shows them the love and that makes them feel special.1.

Design the Card 2.

Add the Postcard to Your Site 3.

Add it to your Cart 4.

Create an Account 5.

Create a Custom Image 6.

Create Your Own Custom Postcard 7.

Submit Your Valentine’s Card to Amazon and Get A Free Gift!

The most important step is to create your own personalized post card.

This will give your recipient a sense of how much you care about them.

If they like it, they will buy it and will give it to their friends and family.

If you want them to leave a thoughtful note for you, you can add that as well.

Here is the template we used to create our custom Valentine’s card:2.

Create the Card2.

Add Postcard3.

Add a CustomImage4.

Create your own Custom Post Card5.

Submit your Valentine’scard to Amazon.

Amazon will give you a free gift for your Valentine postcard submission.

You will receive a free Valentine’sDay gift card, a free Amazon gift card to use for up to six months and a free Gift Card for a month.

You can see the card we created below in action:3.

Create Custom Image4.

Add your own custom image to the Card5 (Click to enlarge)The postcard template below can also be used as a template for other gift cards you might be interested in.

You can see some of the custom images we used for this postcard below:6.

Create Account6.

Submit Custom Card7.

Submit an Amazon Gift Card to the Amazon Store (Free!)

If you want more information about Amazon gift cards, check out this blog post.

If your gift is eligible, you will receive your gift within 24 hours.

You may want to follow up with your recipient to see if they’ve received your gift.