We are not entirely certain what the intent of the postcard rule is, but it seems to have come about in response to the rise of prepaid postcards.

In order to obtain the postcards from the post office, you would have to use an online service, which could be expensive, inconvenient, or both.

Now, you can get a template for prepaid postcard cards from the USPS.

Here’s how to do it.

Prepaid postcard templates, which were originally designed for use in the post offices of Canada and the US, are designed to be able to be mailed to a post office in Canada or the US without the hassle of actually getting to the post box.

The USPS does not require you to have an account to use the templates, but if you are already in Canada and have an online account, you don’t need to have one.

Here are the steps to follow.1.

Download the USPS Postcard template from the USPostcard.gov site.2.

Install the template onto your phone or tablet using the template installer, which will install the templates on your phone, tablet, or PC.3.

Copy and paste the following codes into your terminal and hit enter: The postcard will appear in your email inbox, and you can click “Add” to see the template details.4.

The template will be displayed on your tablet or phone and you will have to navigate to the USPS site to add the post card.5.

Click “Add to My Account” to add it to your account.