I had a lot of fun making these Christmas cards, and I thought I would share my process and some tips with you. 

I used a variety of things to make the cards, including recycled cards and card stock.

They are very light and easy to use. 

For some ideas, check out this post on how to make a cute and festive Christmas card: Here are some of my favorite ways to make Christmas cards.1.

Print out the list of gifts and make sure they are numbered so you can see what’s on your gift list.

I printed out the gift list, then taped the gift lists on top of each other.2.

Take your time with each card.

You don’t have to make every card, but you should make sure each card is unique and worth buying.

For example, if you buy a $1 gift card, make sure it’s unique and will stand out in your home. 

You can also add extra detail on the card.

For instance, I added a little “thank you” note. 


Choose a unique gift to send to your loved ones.

I sent the card to my sister-in-law.

She loved it and bought it a few months later.


Cut the card out of card stock and print it out.

You can use card stock for your cards or use other kinds of paper.

I cut the cards out of recycled paper that I found in the recycling center, but feel free to make other choices. 


Fold the cards and fold them again, so that they are flat.

I usually use my ruler to measure out the length of the card before I fold it. 6.

Fold your card again.

Repeat steps 5-6 for every card.


Cut out your personalized cards.

You should cut out your gift cards from each of the six boxes and place them in a separate envelope or envelope holder.


Put them in the mailbox or a gift box for Christmas.


Put a sticker on the box to remind you of the Christmas gift.

You could also put a card or a note or card or something else on the outside of the box.

I would never send the cards to someone else and then send them back to them.

You have to leave your own message or something.10.

Pack up the gifts and leave the box at the door.

I also wrapped each gift box and gave them to my mother-in to keep them safe.

I did this for her first Christmas because she didn’t have a card and I wanted to keep her warm and cozy.


Decorate the boxes and give the gift to family and friends.


Keep a record of your Christmas cards for future reference. 

Here is how I made my own Christmas card.

The following are tips and tricks to help you make your Christmas card from recycled paper.1: Cut your cards in half.

 I cut my cards in thirds and stacked them in an envelope.

2: If you plan on mailing your cards, make it a secret so your recipient can’t see them.

3: Choose a card that will stand up on its own.

If you plan to give each card out for a specific person, it is a good idea to choose something that will be memorable.

For me, I liked the design of the gift card because I didn’t want to just make it for someone who loves cards.4: Cut out the card and tape it on the inside of each box.

5: You can also make your gift to a person that loves to read.

For example, you could send a gift card to a friend or give it to your niece.

6: If possible, cut out a note that includes a note about your gift.

This can be a note from a friend, a friend of a friend’s or a letter to a loved one.

Here are a few tips to help make your holiday cards. 

1: Keep the cards at a place that will get cold.

If you send them to a place where you know it will get really cold, make the card inside a box.

You will be able to store it at room temperature for several weeks, so it will last longer.2: When you send your gift, leave a note on the envelope that tells the recipient what you are sending.

This will make it easier for them to find their gift in the mail.3: Keep it a surprise.

If it is going to be a surprise, keep it in a drawer or box.

It will be easier to find your gift once you open it.4.

Make it easy for your loved one to find the gift.

If your loved-ones are young, they can be difficult to find if they are not used to being given gifts.

These are some tips to make sure your Christmas gift cards stay on the table and not fall into the trash.

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