Christmas postcards are all the rage these days, with hundreds of them posted every year to celebrate the occasion.

But with many people taking the easy way out and leaving them in the bin, we asked readers for advice on how to postcards your loved ones.

Here are some tips for making sure you’re making the most of your Christmas post card: 1.

Do not postcards that you have not received 2.

Postcards that have already been delivered to you should be posted in their original postcard form.


Postcard photos are a great way to capture your loved one’s spirit, especially if they’re in a happy mood.


Do NOT postcards in which the card is placed on a tree or in a tree with a tree on top of it. 5.

Post cards should not be used to decorate the outside of homes, schools, churches or public buildings.

They should only be used as a Christmas gift.


Post card sizes and colours can vary widely.

We suggest you try to match the postcard’s size and colour to the decor you’re creating for your loved someone.


Posters need to keep the cards in their possession at all times, unless you have a special arrangement.


Post the cards inside a safe container or other suitable container.


Do your research before purchasing a postcard from a seller.

You’ll find that many postcards can be found for under $30, so they may be cheaper than a postcards from your local post office or post office box.


You can also buy postcards online.

You will need to take a photo of the postcards and upload it to Instagram and Facebook.

The postcard will be visible to other users on your Instagram or Facebook profile.


Post a message to your loved person when they are ready to receive their postcard.

This can be a post card or a letter.


When postcards arrive, make sure to keep them in their postbox and leave them in a place where they won’t be damaged.

This ensures they arrive safely.


When you receive your postcard and it has arrived, take it to a post office and let them see the post card.

They will then return it to you.


You may be able to get a refund from the post office if the post was returned to you, but you should check if they can issue a refund or not.


If you want to give your loved the gift of a post-card, do so by putting the post in a box and leaving it at home or in the postbox of someone you trust.

Your loved one can then take the post to the postman to receive the gift.


Remember to keep your postcards safe.

Keep them in your safe and place.