A story you tell on Instagram isn’t just a story you can publish on your own account, it’s a story that Instagram and its community will recognize.

And that’s why a story on Instagram is so important to its users.

If you don’t have the right story on your Instagram, you’re not going to have the kind of reach that Instagram wants to have.

For many brands, Instagram has become a platform for their social media strategy, and as a result, it has a large and vocal following of people who use Instagram as a platform to share stories, share pictures, and make friends.

With all of this power, Instagram needs a story.

Instagram’s Story Board, a feature that lets you create a story for your account, lets you upload images that have captions that you can share with your followers.

To make your story look good, you need to follow these steps: 1.

Create a caption with a tag that stands for your topic.

If your caption is simply “This is my story,” the best way to do that is with a picture of a group of people sharing a photo.

If it’s more complex, you could use a story like this: “My mom died and my sister passed away.

I had a very sad and emotional birthday.

My sister and I shared a photo of a candle lit candle and then the candle lit itself on my mom’s grave and the next day I lost my mom.

It’s been really hard.

My mom died so that I can remember her.”


Create your caption in the upper left-hand corner.

You can also use the arrow next to your caption to add additional text that can be added later.


Click on the “Add caption” button at the top right of the Story Board.

A message pops up that lets Instagram know that you’ve created a caption.


Click the “Done” button.

The caption is added to your Story Board and will appear in the “trending” section on Instagram.

Once your caption appears, you can click on it to edit it and add more text.


Click “Save as” at the bottom of the screen to save the new caption to your computer or share it with your friends.

The text of your story is now displayed in the right-hand column of the app.

If the Story Boards default setting doesn’t work for you, you might need to turn it on.

You might also need to check your profile and set up a profile photo.


You should see a “More stories” section in the top left of the Stories page.

If this doesn’t show up, try going to your profile settings and setting up a new one.

This will allow you to add more stories from your own collection and share them with other users.

To find out how to create a Story for your Instagram account, see How to create your own story on @instagram.


Tap on the + icon at the left of your caption.

This shows you all of the captions and tags that you have to add to your story.


The Story Board now shows you your Story.

To see all of your stories, tap on your story and it will show you all the stories you have created so far.


You will now see the new story on the right of your Story Boards Story section.


You need to upload a photo that can go with your caption, like this one.

If there are multiple captions, the most popular ones will go with the first one.


You now have the option to add an additional caption.

To do this, click the “Edit” button in the lower right-side of your Stories page and choose “Add additional caption.”


You’re now able to add captions for the other captions.

If a caption has a caption that starts with “@” (for example, @aaronkendrick) or “@sarah” (say @sarahhobbs), it will go on top of the first caption and then add the caption to the bottom.

If an additional caption has a hashtag, you will see a link to add it to your post.

To add a caption to a photo, just type it into the search box.

To remove a caption, tap the “X” button and then tap “Done.”

Your Story will appear on the top of your feed, and your caption will be displayed in a box next to it.

When you’re ready to share it, you should click on the photo that you want to share and a new box will appear.

From here, you’ll be able to share your story in a number of ways.

For example, you would add the picture of the candle to your Instagram Story, share the caption in your own Story, and share the picture and caption in other Instagram Stories.

You also can share it in your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If someone likes your story, they’ll see it in the Stories section of their social network. In