You might have seen the #LoveYouMiley hashtag in the past, but here are a few more #MileyCyrus cards.

The first was from Miley’s mother. 

The second was from the man she was dating back in 2015.

The third was a photo of the couple on the beach with Miley.

The fourth was a picture of Miley with a bottle of champagne.

The fifth was a selfie with the couple. 

In all, there were over 900 cards.

Miley tweeted the #loveyoumiley card, saying:I love you Miley!

Love youMiley Cyrus. 

“It’s been a pleasure and honor to create these cards for you,” Miley wrote.

“I’m proud of how they’ve been received.


I know how hard it is for people to get their hands on Miley and to read her cards, so I’m so happy to share them with you,” she added.

Molly Cyrus also shared some more Miley cards on Instagram.

She shared a picture from her trip to a Disney World theme park. 

Here’s a picture I took there.

Miley said she got her camera out and “just wanted to give you a good laugh.”

Miley also shared a photo with her mom on her trip.

“Just wanted to share a little bit more of our adventures together,” she captioned it.

Moe Vedder shared a selfie and a postcard with his mom.