Why the US Postal Service is losing ground in the postcard industry

Postcard sales are declining as consumers become more savvy with the technology and are increasingly willing to pay more for postcards than ever before.But a new study from the University of Michigan suggests that the postcards business is struggling as consumers are increasingly wary of the quality of the paper and how long it takes […]

Why does a postcard have to have a postage stamp?

Posted October 02, 2018 11:56:25 It seems that in a postcards world, postage stamps aren’t necessary, unless you count postage stamps on your postcards as a form of value added.Postcards are typically only used in small amounts, usually one postcard per page.This means that even if a post card has a postage rate of 2 […]

How to make awesome postcards for Google postcards

This post is brought to you by Hacker News, the world’s largest community of experts in information technology.With over 5 million members, Hacker News is a place where the smartest minds in the world gather to share, learn, and collaborate.Join the millions of people who have joined in on the conversation by adding your name […]

Why Postcards Are So Good For Students

Postcards can be an effective way to teach and inspire students, particularly in the sciences.The sport of postcards is one of the most popular subjects for science educators, with the most recent research showing that students love seeing their favorite subjects in a different context.Postcards help students learn by giving them the opportunity to interact […]

Trump’s latest tweets reveal his deep disdain for the press

Trump’s tweets reveal a sharp contrast to his usual self-deprecating approach to news, which often makes him sound like a man with little appreciation for the media.But he did not say much about the Postcard Society.The president often calls the media the “opposition party” during his campaign and is not known to be particularly friendly […]

Australia’s NBN rollout under review

Posted November 14, 2018 06:10:20 The NBN rollout has been a disaster, but it is under review, the Federal Government has announced.The review, to be carried out by the Federal Communications Commission, will be completed by the end of December and then published.The government has already said it will release a detailed report to Parliament […]

‘We Are Not Alone’: How the Church Is Working to Help the LGBT Community through the Postcard Wars

The postcard industry is facing a new challenge as the postcard wars intensify.The postcards are the only physical document ever produced by the Church and for the most part, the card industry has been unable to compete with them.However, there are still a number of companies who are looking for ways to use postcards in […]

Which NHL players will be featured on Real Estate postcards?

The NHL is adding more real estate postcard templates to its lineup.The league announced Tuesday that it will add four new postcard types to its Real Estate platform.“The Real Estate team is excited to partner with RSPP to provide a wide range of Postcards, Real Estate Postcards and Home & Garden Postcards to our members.Our […]

Ghibli, the best postcards of the year 2018

Postcards have always been a part of the Ghiblian aesthetic.But they’ve also been a very popular subject for artists.Here are some of the best ones we’ve found.Read More in 2018.

How to postcards and postcards in a day

We moved post cards around from city to city.We had no internet connection, and our postcards were a little old.But we made our way back from our first trip to Paris, which was a little different.I was travelling to Paris for a month and a half, and I did postcards.So I went back to Los […]

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