Why are there so many postcards in the Fulton History postcard collection?

The Fulton History collection is a series of postcards designed to tell stories about Fulton and the community it serves.Some postcards have been created with the help of the local history museum, while others were created by locals themselves.There’s even a postcard titled “Pee in the Fens”.Some of the postcards come in a variety of […]

Why the US Postal Service is losing ground in the postcard industry

Postcard sales are declining as consumers become more savvy with the technology and are increasingly willing to pay more for postcards than ever before.But a new study from the University of Michigan suggests that the postcards business is struggling as consumers are increasingly wary of the quality of the paper and how long it takes […]

I Can Tell You the Difference Between Postcards for Kids and Postcards For Everyone

When I was growing up, I would get my own postcard book.I would take the postcard from my mom and put it in the back of the envelope and leave it at home with the rest of my belongings.I knew exactly what it said.I read it in a book, I got it signed by the […]

How to buy postcards, stamps and stamps-style stamps from the ’50s and ’60s

A decade ago, Postcards were all the rage, with the first printing being done in the 1960s.Today, Postcard is the industry’s most popular postcard format.But there were a few things that made the Postcard the most popular in the early ’50’s and ’61.The first thing to note is that Postcards weren’t made in bulk.Postcards from […]

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