How to postcard your office

Posted September 14, 2018 11:20:30A postcard is a beautiful thing, it can make your work feel more professional and it can even be a great way to make a quick impression.Here are some tips for postcards that are perfect for any office or office decor.1.Choose a design that suits your needs.Postcards are often a combination […]

“Birthday” postcards have been killing postcards, and the Postcard Killer is now trying to figure out how to stop them

The Postcard Killers have found a new way to kill postcards and postcards are coming back.In the first half of the year, a new breed of postcards has started to appear on the Internet, including postcards of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, and others that depict the likes of Kanye West, Ariana Grande […]

What to look for when shopping for a postcard maker?

A postcard reader is a portable, easy-to-use product that takes your favorite postcards and turns them into beautiful images.Most of the postcards are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large, and the device is also capable of converting images into PDFs and other file formats.However, there are a few things to look […]

‘We’ve had a little bit of a lull’: New postcards from Italy reveal the lives of its residents

Postcards from the Italian city of Tuscany reveal the hardships of everyday life for the residents of the city.The images are of the streets of the town where there are still many unfinished homes and abandoned buildings.The postcards were created in the 1920s and 30s by a group of postcard artists.These artists used a method […]

Postcards to the Post Office

Postcards are a popular format for exchanging gifts, as they allow recipients to take advantage of free postage and are a very popular option for exchanging cards and cards.As such, many postcards are available for postcard purchase.Postcards that are suitable for the postcard industry have traditionally been made by using a mix of postcard images […]

How to postcards with retro postcards

A new postcard app for postcards that uses retro postcard wallpaper as the wallpaper is now available on the App Store.The app, dubbed “Retro Postcards with Postcards Wallpaper,” uses the “Retrophoto” app for iOS, which is also the original app for retro post cards.Retro Postcards was created by Michael V. Anderson, who created a similar […]

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