How to print postcards and gift cards for wedding invitations with Staples

A few months ago, Staples got into the postcard printer game, and now Staples has expanded the list of preprinted postcards you can print and send with a Staples gift card.It has the Staples giftcard printer in the box, too, but you can also print it yourself or buy it online.Here are the options you’ll […]

How to Create Postcards That Will Fit In With Your Wedding Celebration

It’s a beautiful day at the beach, and you’re about to start a day full of fun and romance.The sky is full of the sun, the sun is shining, and your guests are coming.But you know you can’t take your guests anywhere without taking photos.Postcards are a great way to capture moments that are special […]

When Is It Okay To Post a Wedding Photo?

The internet has given us a way to share and share ideas, but many of us still aren’t comfortable sharing pictures of our weddings with others.Here are the rules we’ve come up with to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to share your big day with the world.1.You must ask permission firstBefore you post […]

How to create beautiful postcards

French postcards are often quite small and can easily be carried by a child or a young person.But the format can be quite popular with weddings and other events as well, and it’s a good option for those looking for a simple format for wedding invitations.The Postcard Wedding invitation format, known as the French postcard, […]

Why I love postcards

I grew up in Seattle and I remember sitting in the backyard of our house and staring out the window with a postcard in hand.When I was younger, my parents would take me out to dinner at the neighborhood bar and show me how to open the postcards.I would open the cards with my fingers, […]

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