I Can Tell You the Difference Between Postcards for Kids and Postcards For Everyone

When I was growing up, I would get my own postcard book.I would take the postcard from my mom and put it in the back of the envelope and leave it at home with the rest of my belongings.I knew exactly what it said.I read it in a book, I got it signed by the […]

How to make your own postcard mockups

In a nutshell, the postcard templates are designed to make it easy to add photos, graphics, and text to your photos.There are many templates out there, but this one is the most popular.I used this template to make a postcard for my daughter’s birthday party in 2017.Here’s how to get started: Open your browser and […]

What you need to know about the Boston postcard design

Postcards for all ages are back.The Boston Postcard Design Program launched in July with a focus on education and collaboration.It’s a collaboration between the Boston Public Library, the Massachusetts Public Library and the US Post Office.The design process involves students, teachers, and the community.The first Boston Postcards were launched at a public library on June […]

How to make a cool postcard for your kid

How to create a postcard with your kid for Halloween.The perfect postcard is a beautiful, sweet, funny, or scary photo.You want it to look like a little doll or a giant, but still be cute and easy to take home.Postcards are perfect for your little ones because they can be made for fun, or for […]

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