What’s the best way to save Hawaii’s postcards?

From postcards to t-shirts, the islands are getting a fresh start with a new era of postcards.The state is making it easier for residents to share and receive gifts, while promoting the islands as a tourism destination, which it is.But as the postcard season kicks off, a lot of Hawaii’s iconic images will no longer […]

What to know about the postcard market

Postcards are a form of advertising that’s a staple of every home.They’re often framed with photos of a person, a place or a product, and sometimes with an advertisement.The ads are usually targeted to specific audiences and the price ranges are usually fairly low.If you’re buying a postcard, you’re probably paying a pretty penny.The Postcard […]

Why do we love old postcards?

Postcards are a universal language in the islands, and are often used by locals to share memories and feelings.But what is it about them that we love?Postcards have a lot to teach us about our world and our place in it.Postcards from the 1940s show the islanders at war in the Pacific and their islander […]

How to make postcards of your favourite landmarks, from the Hawaiian Islands to the postcards archive

Postcards are great for showing off your favourite places and landmarks.Here are some of the most memorable postcards that have graced the planet.1.The Statue of Liberty, New York CityA postcard from the 1940s.2.The Grand Canyon, ArizonaA post card from the 1950s.3.The Golden Gate Bridge, San FranciscoA post box from the 1960s.4.The Capitol, WashingtonDylan Farrow’s postcard […]

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