On March 1, 2013, the postcards were released and the first wave of postcards rolled out.

The cards are intended to show the students who are graduating from the college, but they are also intended to be a reminder of what it’s like to be in the program and the obstacles they face.

As they roll out, they are being used by many in the community.

Some people have used them to post messages, even though it has a negative connotation, as the cards say.

It is a big change for them, and it’s something that they will be dealing with for the next year.

They are also used by the staff at the college as well.

The first wave was released in October.

The second wave was announced on Feb. 16.

Now, the college is releasing the third wave, which is expected to be out this week.

And the fourth wave is expected on Monday.

The students are taking notes in each of the post cards, and they are writing messages on the cards to share what they have learned in their college experience.

In the first set, they wrote: “The first three days at our school have been one of the best days of my life.

It has given me the tools to work with my peers, learn, develop, and grow.

I love it here.

The fact that I can share my story with others will only help me grow and be more successful.

I am truly grateful for the support and friendship I have had in this program.

We have learned a lot and we are all stronger together.”

The second postcard, written by a student, says: “I am a student at Penn State and one of my classmates told me how she saw the ‘cards of honor’ that the students received from their parents.

It was really heartwarming and helped me feel a little better.”

The third postcard was written by one of a number of students, and said: “It is the first year of our graduate program and we have made great strides to develop as students, as well as as to prepare for the future.

I want to thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and encouragement.”

The fourth postcard says: I am a graduate student at the College of William and Mary and I want you to know how grateful I am for all you’ve done for me and the entire family.

The postcards are meant to be shared with the community, and are intended for the students, not for the college.

They will be available at the campus post office, where students can post the cards.

But if they are to be used by others, the card will have to be signed and dated by the post office before it can be used.

“The postcards of honors are meant for students and the community to help show them the good they have accomplished while at Penn, so we’re really encouraging them to share them with their friends and family,” said Jennifer Stoltz, vice president for communications at Penn’s College of Medicine.

“Students at the Penn State College of Education are not supposed to use the postcard of honor in their social media content, but we’re still trying to understand why some of the students are posting the cards of honor.

It’s something we’re working to figure out and we’re looking forward to it.”

This is the third year in a row that Penn has launched a new card of honor program.

Earlier this year, the program launched a card of recognition that allowed students to earn a scholarship to go to college at Penn.

For more information, go to the university’s website.