The NHL is adding more real estate postcard templates to its lineup.

The league announced Tuesday that it will add four new postcard types to its Real Estate platform.

“The Real Estate team is excited to partner with RSPP to provide a wide range of Postcards, Real Estate Postcards and Home & Garden Postcards to our members.

Our members have the most extensive portfolio of postcards on the NHL and we are excited to be able to support them with these unique templates,” said Joe Sakic, NHL Vice President, Real Assets.

The new template features players who have played in at least one NHL season and who have not had a home or garden postcard.

Each of the postcards has been crafted by RSPG.

The Real Sports Shop also added two new types of postcard to its inventory of Real Estate cards, the Real Estate & Golf Postcard and the Real Sports Store Postcard.

These cards are designed to be used with the Real House and Real Golf packages.

The RSPS Real Estate Card will have a postcard of the player’s face, the player and the team logo on the front and the player name on the back.

The Home & Garden Postcard will feature a post card of the front of the card, the front face and the name of the team and the club on the inside.