The Fulton History collection is a series of postcards designed to tell stories about Fulton and the community it serves.

Some postcards have been created with the help of the local history museum, while others were created by locals themselves.

There’s even a postcard titled “Pee in the Fens”.

Some of the postcards come in a variety of formats, and each has a different story.

We took a look at a few of these postcards to see what makes each one unique.

Fulton History postcards can be purchased in a range of sizes and colors, with some being even more striking than others.

The first postcard was made by Atlanta’s local postcard maker, Michael C. Hinton, which was created in the mid-1920s.

The second postcard is an homage to the Fulton Streetcar, which opened in 1928.

The third postcard, called “Brick Street”, features a story about the brick and mortar business in the neighborhood, which went bankrupt after the building’s owners left.

Finally, the fourth postcard features a classic postcard featuring a postman in a car, who delivers mail to the streets of Atlanta.

Each postcard can be ordered online or picked up at your local post office.

Here’s a look inside the Fulton Postcard collection. 

Fulton Postcard Collection 1 Pee In The Fens 1.2M views6 comments6 views 1:59  Posted by freddie123 at 3:42:38Tags postcard parody,michael c. hinton,postcard,mixed content,hinton postcard title Michael C Hinton postcards are funny, interesting, and well crafted.

 These postcards feature a post man delivering mail in a 1940s brick and mortar business, while a young man delivering the mail also appears on the cover.


The City’s First Postcard 6.6M views18 comments3:19  Click here to see more photos and stories about Michael C and Fulton History.


Brick In The Sun 3.3M views17 comments3,8:33  This postcard from 1920 shows the intersection of Fulton Street and Fulton Street in Atlanta, as well as the Atlanta City Hall building and the Georgia Pacific Railroad.


Picket Lines 4.5M views15 comments3 and 4:19